“Wealth Drift”

In an era marked by unprecedented wealth accumulation and intergenerational transfers, the stewardship of resources becomes not just a practical concern but a spiritual mandate for believers. As society grapples with the complexities of wealth distribution, the Christian community is called to a higher standard—one that sees wealth not merely as a means for personal or familial advancement but as a tool for kingdom building. This reimagined approach to wealth management, grounded in biblical principles and a heart for philanthropy, offers a transformative perspective for Christian families across Canada and beyond.

The Challenge of Unearned Wealth

The issue at the heart of contemporary discussions on wealth management within Christian circles is the phenomenon of unearned wealth. While the accumulation of assets is often celebrated as a marker of success, the unbridled transfer of these assets to subsequent generations without the requisite preparation or stewardship education can lead to detrimental outcomes. Scripture warns against the hasty accumulation of wealth without effort (Proverbs 20:21), highlighting the spiritual and moral pitfalls that accompany unearned wealth. This serves as a sobering reminder that wealth, in the absence of stewardship and purpose, can lead to spiritual drift rather than fulfillment.

A Biblical Blueprint for Wealth Stewardship

At the core of a Christian approach to wealth management is the recognition of God’s ownership over all resources. Believers are called to steward these resources wisely, aligning their financial decisions with God’s purposes. This involves a radical reorientation of one’s relationship with wealth—one that prioritizes generosity, supports kingdom work, and acknowledges the temporal nature of earthly riches. The biblical narrative is replete with exhortations to use wealth for the advancement of God’s kingdom, encouraging believers to invest in eternal treasures rather than amassing earthly possessions (Matthew 6:19-21).

Philanthropy as a Reflection of Faith

Philanthropy, within the Christian worldview, is not merely an act of charity but a reflection of one’s faith and commitment to God’s mission. It serves as a tangible expression of love, both for God and for neighbour, and plays a crucial role in furthering the gospel. By directing resources towards the Great Commission, believers can leave a legacy that transcends material wealth, impacting lives for eternity. This approach to philanthropy encourages a proactive, intentional strategy for giving, where donations are aligned with one’s spiritual convictions and passions.

Generational Stewardship and Legacy

A key aspect of Christian wealth management is the concept of generational stewardship. This entails preparing the next generation to handle wealth in a way that honors God and furthers His purposes. It involves imparting values of generosity, teaching financial literacy from a biblical perspective, and modelling stewardship in one’s own life. By doing so, families can create a legacy of faith that endures, ensuring that wealth serves as a blessing rather than a curse for future generations.

Living Generously: The Ultimate Call

The call to live generously is at the heart of the Christian faith. It is a call that challenges believers to view their resources through the lens of eternity, using their wealth to bless others and advance God’s kingdom. This lifestyle of generosity is marked by joy, purpose, and a profound sense of fulfillment, offering a counter-narrative to the world’s materialistic values.

As the Christian community in Canada and beyond navigates the complexities of wealth management, it is imperative to embrace a biblical approach that prioritizes stewardship, generosity, and legacy. By doing so, believers can ensure that their wealth serves God’s purposes, transforming not only their own lives but also the world around them.

About the Author: Paul Weme, based in Langley, BC, has dedicated his career since 1985 to the intersection of faith and philanthropy. Passionate about the Great Commission and enriching families through wise wealth management, Paul seeks to infuse joy into the act of giving, helping donors craft a legacy of generosity to be celebrated for generations.

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