What We Do

The Vision

Connecting the generations to
engage with one another in
loving, trusting relationships, and
encourage each other to wholeheartedly follow Christ.

The Mission

To inspire a movement of empowered and intentional
grandparents to engage in effective family discipleship, so that future generations will know and follow Christ, and continue a Gospel legacy that outlives them.

The Objective

To convince today’s grandparents to pursue a renewed passion for purposeful living through faith in Christ; telling every generation of the praiseworthiness of God.

The Strategy

To contribute purposeful, powerful and creative opportunities that strengthen biblical family relationships, promoting evangelism, and building up one another to know, love, and serve Christ.

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Legacy Coalition Canada Sees the Need

The Potential

Grandparents with incredible potential to influence the next generation — and a Biblical mandate to do it — are generally overlooked, under-resourced, ignored, and mislabeled.

Biblical Pattern

Christian grandparents are to influence multiple generations for Christ.

A Great Need

Grandparents themselves often lack vision, need support and community, or don’t know of tools which can help.

A New Course

We believe it is time to chart a new course — to engage this incredible potential by envisioning, encouraging, and equipping grandparents — through ministries in the local church.