Grandparents, Your Prayers Matter

Written by Tina Bradford, Director of Prayer

One of our senior saints shared that her church, when she was growing up, had revival services for a week each summer. She vividly recalls listening to the sermons and sensing her need for Christ, yet she would not move out of the pew. Each night she would go home with her family, which included her grandparents who lived with them.

On the last night of the revival service, she held her ground even though the battle for her soul was raging. Later, climbing the stairs to her room, she heard her grandmother’s voice. Her grandmother was tearfully pleading before the throne of grace – for her, for Muriel. Other family members joined in praying; she heard her name again and again.

The victory had been won, and Muriel ran down the stairs and fell at the feet of their praying circle. For the next eighty-plus years, Muriel loved and served Jesus. 

You see, Grandpa and Grandma, your prayers are so needful, so powerful, so effective, and oh so precious.

We hope this blog inspires and helps you to know how to begin.

Prayer Resources

Praying God’s Word is a great place to start. Legacy Coalition has a Prayers for My Grandchildren Placemat with a prayer for each day of the week, based on a scripture. We also have Grandchild Promise Cards which are biblical reminders of God’s promises. These are great to pray as well as tuck into a birthday card or school lunch, place on a pillow, and even use as a gift tag. There is even a place to add your grandchild’s name.

Maybe you are looking for ways to join with other grandparents in corporate prayer. One church has a monthly dedicated time to pray for grandchildren in place of a Bible lesson that week. Others pray at the beginning or end of each small group time. Think through ways you can incorporate dedicated prayer for your grandchildren into what your church is already doing.

Christian Grandparenting Network has wonderful resources to help you from prayer bookmarks to books. Sherry Schumann, who does the Friday Facebook prayers, has just released another prayer book called The Grand Expedition: A Practical Guide to Praying for Your Grandchildren. Lillian Penner also has a wonderful book on prayer called, Grandparenting with a Purpose. Christian Grandparenting Network also has prayer bookmarks to download. Lastly, Grandparents @ Prayer is a dedicated group that meets to pray for grandchildren.

Starting a Prayer Group

Here is a list of suggested steps to get started:

  1. Develop a mission statement such as: “We intend to gather to fervently pray for God’s grace, blessing, and help to be intentional and effective Christian grandparents. We want our grandchildren and the children of this church to believe God’s Word is Truth. Jesus Christ is the Creator, Redeemer, coming King, and Judge. We will pray for their faith to grow and God’s Spirit to equip us to leave a lasting spiritual legacy of faithfulness to God and His Church.”
  2. Seek your pastor’s permission to use a room, and then invite attendees through a church announcement or social media. You may also start smaller and simpler in your own home by inviting prayer partners to join you.
  3. Once you determine a time and place and have two or more interested in participating, you can gather prayer guides (Scriptures are best) and begin.
  4. Develop a format such as: Welcome and Introductions, Purpose statement, Distribution of Prayer Resources (or a list of Scriptures to be read aloud and prayed), and Prayer for God’s protection, guidance, and blessing of each grandchild. Make a list of families and children to be prayed for using the list of Scripture. You may provide or suggest they bring a journal.
  5. Share names, email addresses, and phone numbers of those interested.
  6. Gather several books on prayer or select one to be shared among the group and used as a guide.

My husband and I successfully used these steps to start a praying grandparent’s group in our home, then upon approval, move it to our church.

Remember, God will bless and equip you. James 5:16 tells us that tremendous power is made available through a good man’s earnest prayer. God reminds us that we are to come and ask. He promises to hear and answer (I John 5:14).

Someone has said that “prayer is the will of God and the love of man meeting up to accomplish much!”


So whether you are striving to be more intentional in your own prayer life for your grandchildren, joining with others who are praying, or starting a new prayer group, may God bless your efforts and multiply His blessings.

Allow your grandchildren to hear and see you praying specifically and urgently for them. Who knows – there could be a Muriel among them!

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