Experiencing God Through Life’s Grandma Moments (Part 2)

Written by Deb del Villar, Director of Communications

As grandmas, we often see God working in small and big ways. He reveals Himself in moments if we are careful to be alert.

In Part 1 of this article, we looked at Garden of Gethsemane Moments, Mary Moments, and Refining Moments.

In Part 2, we will look at two more meaningful moments that grandmas may experience.

Road to Damascus Moments

I am a planner, a list maker, and an organizer. I like to go down my list and cross things off as I get them done. However, my day is often filled with interruptions and things not going according to my plan for the day.

I learned early on to pray as I start each day that I will accomplish what the Lord has for me that day. It helps with the frustration of not completing my list as long as I have completed His list.

I call these Road to Damascus moments because what you thought was going to happen that day turned out very differently. God showed up and changed everything. These are moments you made it through and would not change now because of where you are with God and Jesus. Your relationship is stronger and more intimate because of what you experienced.

You can say with confidence, “I know for certain” for my eyes have seen, my ears have heard, my heart has felt, and my mind has understood.

You have had your own personal encounter with the Lord. Like Paul on the road to Damascus, everything has changed and you have moved forward with the perspective of knowing Jesus is real and He is Lord. I challenge you to share your Damascus Road experience with your grandchildren.

Moments very similar are Road to Emmaus moments. Along your journey as a Christian, there are those times you feel sad, lost, and not sure what to do next, but Jesus shows up and walks right alongside you.

These are powerful times that God uses to grow your faith so in turn, you can share your experiences to bolster your grandchildren’s faith. The two disciples and Paul were never the same but lived to share the great news of Jesus.

Look up – God is desiring to do something amazing!

Finish the Race Moments

Another moment comes when you make that decision to finish the race – your race. You may not like the race, your course, or your lane in the race, yet you finally surrender to the One who knows best.

It could be your spouse has a life-threatening illness or one that is taking away who he is one day at a time, stealing memories in the process. You could be missing a grandson who you have not seen in many years due to a family crisis that split the family apart, and it constantly invades your thoughts. It could be a daughter that felt there was no way out but to abort your first grandchild and your arms and heart still feel empty. Your family photo may have spots that should be filled but instead are vacant. You wonder why your race is not like other grandparents who show all the awards and smiling family photos.

With the Lord’s help, you no longer strive to change your race to someone else’s or hope for a different race – one that is easier and not so hard. When God says, “No, my daughter, this is the race I have set before you. Run it well and finish. I will be with you all along the way.”

You finally rest in the race you have been given, trusting and listening to the One who called you to the race. There are those that are cheering you on and those that are watching how you run, so run well. Run on by looking up for therein lies your strength and your direction. There is One who knows and is running right alongside you. 

Grandma, cherish the moments God has placed before you. Allow Him to use them for not only your good but also your grandchildren’s good and especially for His glory!

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