Experiencing God Through Life’s Grandma Moments (Part 1)

Written by Deb del Villar, Director of Communications

Each grandma has moments that range from heart-wrenching circumstances to glorious celebrations to moments of wonder and joy.

Sometimes the confusing moments press us into God’s arms of love and cause us to trust Him in a deeper way. In these moments, you must make a conscious choice to believe God and His Word.

When it comes specifically to our grandchildren, all moments can seem even more serious and require our faith to be exercised even more.

In Part 1 of this article, we’ll look at the first three categories of meaningful grandma moments.

Garden of Gethsemane Moments

Imagine getting a frantic phone call from your child concerning your precious eighteen-month-old grandson. He has fallen, badly broken his leg, and is now in surgery. Fourteen years later, complications during surgery still daily affect his life.

It could be even a more serious health crisis or diagnosis that shortens their life span. These are hard moments!

Another garden moment is when grandparents must step in as parents due to a family crisis. There is emotional, mental, physical, financial, and spiritual involvement – this garden experience has it all. There comes that time when you surrender your plans and answer “yes” to this crucial call.

In times like this, you need friends praying for you. May we as Christians uphold these hidden silent heroes in our churches and communities. May we step toward and not away! May we be alert to their needs.

These are times when you struggle and wrestle with God asking Him if there is another way. You plead for a different way that His plan could be carried out. One that is less painful, less intense, easier, and quicker.

The word “Gethsemane” means olive press. Jesus was crushed so we do not have to be crushed. 2 Corinthians 4:8-10 encourages us that while we are afflicted, we are not crushed. In these garden moments, you pray and pray, asking God to “take this cup away” yet surrender “not my will but yours, Lord.”

These could also be called Jacob moments where maybe at the end of the struggle you experience a metaphorically pronounced limp. A limp that stays with you for the rest of your life. This limp is a constant reminder that God changes us through these challenging moments. We become someone that God can use even more in the future.

What if God allowed this to happen so you could meet the needs of another better? Grandma, are you willing to come to the garden so God can fulfill His purpose through you?

Do not forget to look up – God is in the garden with you. His Word says He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Mary Moments

The wonder and awe of God can come sweeping over you due to lots of things. It could be looking into the face of your first granddaughter feeling totally enthralled and spellbound. Then you notice your daughter is holding her own daughter.

Those are the quiet reflective times of experiencing the wonder of God and what He is doing. It comes freshly and boldly to your mind and heart as a grandma. It might be seeing your small grandson watching a tiny ant crawl across the sidewalk; you watch, wait, and wonder how God is at work in his little heart and mind.

Mary moments often lead to times of worship. Relish these moments, Grandma. Stay and linger a while with your amazing almighty God.

God has a way of catching us off guard and showing up big in small ways. It could be during a time of concentrated prayer for a teen grandchild who is struggling and God reveals through His Word just the hope and promise that is exactly what you need. Look up and see the wonder-working, ever-present God.

Refining Moments

Have you ever had a “fire” moment in your life? They are one of those “NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS I will trust you, Lord” moments. David and Goliath, Esther, Joseph, or the fiery furnace men know these moments intimately.

Have you had these unimaginably painful, hurtful, unfair times in your life? Maybe a grandchild was being bullied at school and no one seemed to care. Or a divorce occurred in your family that greatly rocked your life and the lives of your precious impressionable grandchildren. It could be a health crisis that took your beloved adult child and now you have little connection with your grandchildren due to a new marriage.

The list of “fire” moments could include an incarcerated adult child or even a grandchild, an addiction that is threatening the safety of your precious son and grandchildren, and the list goes on.

Will you allow these moments to define you or refine you? Remember little eyes are watching and learning. How do we respond when life gets tough? Look up to God! He is willing, able, and loving enough to walk with you, in and through the “fire.”

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