7 Ideas for Summertime Fun

Written by Elaine McAllister, Author and Friend of Legacy Coalition

Another school year is ending! Those who were once kindergarteners walk across the stage of life as graduates. It seems May is a subtle reminder of how quickly time passes as well as a gentle nudge to plan for summertime fun.

Take a trip to your local discount store for your stash of things to turn summer SUN days into FUN days with your grandkids. Pool noodles, glow sticks, inflatable kiddie pools, balloons, small plastic cars, sidewalk chalk – you get the idea. Save a few empty water bottles, check your attic for clear Christmas lights, and search your toolbox for zip ties, duct tape, and hammers to prepare for some fun.

Here are 7 ideas to get you started:

1. Oodles of Noodles

Bend each one to form a circle and use duct tape to secure the two ends. (The shorter the noodle, the smaller the circle.) These are great for a ring toss game outside. Simply drive a stake into the ground and have some fun. They also make great targets to throw water balloons through.

2. Glow in the Dark Bowling

Activate a few glow sticks to put inside a few water bottles. Fill each one halfway (or so) with water to help them stand upright before putting on the lids. Set up a backyard bowling alley and have some late-night fun.

3. Soaker Jump Party

If you have access to a trampoline, this is great fun for all. Blow up several balloons and toss them inside the trampoline ‘net.’ Fill several more balloons with water and add them. As the kids jump, the air-filled balloons will be all over the place while the water-filled ones will burst, cooling off the jumpers and anyone standing nearby. Keep a trash can handy to pick up the pieces afterward.

4. Sidewalk Journeys

Using sidewalk chalk, create trees, stores, houses, bridges, intersections, and more on your driveway. Older grandkids may want to be the artists, while younger ones make their way through city streets and around curves with little vehicles.

5. Sidewalk Cross

Another sidewalk chalk activity begins with each child (or an adult helper) drawing the outline of a cross with a dark color. Using that same dark color, draw random straight lines to give the cross a stained-glass look. That’s when the fun begins. Use several colors to fill in the ‘pieces’ for a springtime piece of art.

6. Frozen Fun

Put several colorful small plastic toys (balls, cars, trinkets, bracelets, etc.) in the bottom of a large plastic bowl. Cover with water and freeze. Repeat (more toys, more water, then freeze) to fill the bowl. When summertime heat comes, send the kids outside with a small hammer and a giant ice cube where they can stay cool ‘rescuing’ frozen loot.

7. Kiddie Pool Campout

Inflate a rectangular swimming pool and fill it with a few pillows, fleece blankets, and grandkids! Read books, tell ghost stories, look at the stars together, sing silly songs, or whatever in your own backyard. To keep unwanted critters away, put the pool inside a netted trampoline. Or just use the trampoline, without a pool. It’s great for an evening or an all-nighter!


Celebrate grandparenting always! Be creative! Be spontaneous! Be intentional! Turn fleeting moments into forever memories with your grandchildren.

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