Helping grandparents have a greater spiritual impact on their families

Building a Legacy That Outlives You

As Grandparents, you have an important, God-given role to play in leaving a legacy of faith to your children and grandchildren.

“We must not hide them from their children but must tell a future generation the praises of the Lord… so that they might put their confidence in God.”  Psalm 78:4-7

As a Christian Grandparent

Pointing Our Grandchildren to the Cross

We’re here to help

Resources that will help you be an intentional Christian grandparent

How to start a Praying Grandparents prayer group

Conferences with inspiring and practical information

Legacy Grandparenting Camps

Weekly online webinars

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Conversations to help you grow as a Christian grandparent: From our presenters each week, you’ll learn how to nurture your grandchildren’s faith and overcome obstacles.

Join us for the only North American-wide conference on Christian grandparenting

When you watch this conference, you will:

Receive wisdom and direction from our speakers

Find inspiration and encouragement through worship

Gain comfort in community with other grandparents

We’re in this together

At Legacy Coalition Canada, we are passionate about motivating and equipping Christian grandparents to invest in eternity, so multiple generations of your family will know and follow Christ.

We are led by Christian grandparents who understand the joys and challenges that come with Christian grandparenting.  Join us in the growing global movement of intentional Christian grandparents.

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Legacy Coalition Canada -
National Director Interview on 100 Huntley Street

We have exciting news to share with you. Legacy Coalition Canada’s National
Director, Len Friesen, was interviewed by 100 Huntley Street.
You can view the interview below.
Len shares  some creative approaches grandparents can apply as they seek to pass on their faith and leave a Legacy to the next generation.

*         Additionally, the segment will be available through their YouTube
channel  <>